Image module
Nominal diameterDN25~300
Nominal pressurePN1.6~10.0MPa ANSI 150~600lb
Medium temperature-60~450℃
Connection method?Flange type
Plug type304、316L、304+ Stellite、316L+ Stellite
Body materialWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF8M
Seat materialPTFE、304、316L、304+ Stellite、316L+ Stellite
Flow characteristicsQuick open
Leakage – Hard SealANSI Class V
Leakage – Soft SealANSI Class VI

ZSQF series pneumatic bottom valve adopts integrated DC type structure. The valve body is a streamlined non-blocking flow channel. The inner surface of the flow channel is sandblasted, which is smooth and wearable, with low flow resistance and no dead angle. Soft seals ensure zero leakage and hard-sealed surfacing Titanium alloys can be used in harsh conditions such as high temperature and solid particulate media. When used in food media, Teflon is sprayed on the inner surface, which has extremely strong corrosion resistance and meets the sanitary standards.

This series of products have two types of structure: under exhibition and exhibition. Downward Bottom Bottom Valve: When the valve is open, the valve core moves to the inside of the valve body. When the reactor tank part needs to be fully stirred or a negative pressure (vacuum) occurs at the bottom of the tank, the valve is easily closed, and when the tank is in a vacuum, it can also play a non-return function. Upper exhibition bottom valve: When the valve is open, the spool moves to the inside of the reactor. When sediment is accumulated in the reactor tank part, the valve can be opened easily to discharge sediment, and the medium in the tank acts on the valve core to play a non-return function.

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